Immaculate Conception Parish, Uleppi

In 1944, Bishop Angelo Negri of the then Gulu Diocese, came to Uleppi Chapel under Ediofe Parish, and baptized many Catechumens. The people requested him to establish a Parish here because Ediofe was very far for them. In 1947, Bishop Angelo Negri declared the place a Parish. Fr. Santino Ku’du was sent to open the Parish however, 3 months later he died of sickness at Moyo. In 1948, Fr. Donasiano Bala was appointed the Parish Priest assisted by Fr. Jovenale Galle. It was at this time that the first grass thatched Chapel was erected. In 1949, the Mission site was transferred to the Current Site. Fr. James Jachan is now the Parish Priest from 27th July 2018 and he is assisted by Fr. Frederick Ejotre. The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate serve in the Health Centre and Primary School. There is a Sub-Parish called Offaka Sub-Parish under Uleppi whose Care-taker is Fr. Jerry Yoacel; the Franciscan Brothers and Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church are also found here.

St. Peter and Paul Parish, Warr

This Parish, started as a Praying Community in the Palace of Rwoth Jalawure in 1918 at Warr (at the present place where Warr Health Centre III is). The Chapel of Aluka, moved to Agiermach in 1947 because in Aluka the Church was being disturbed by Lightning. The first Priests who were coming for Pastoral work here from Nyapea started the construction of the first Church. In 1952, Warr became a Parish with Fr. Dalameo Adello as her first Parish Priest. On16th of July 1984, Warr Parish was handed by Fr. Carmelo Del Rio to the Diocesan Clergy with Fr. Fabiano Titiya as the First Parish Priest. Now Warr has Fr. Charles Openytho as the Parish Priest assisted by Fr. Ronald Okweda and Fr. Alfred Agwokotho. The Sacred Heart Sisters help in Agiermach Health Centre and the Schools, while the Marian Brothers help in Agiermach Technical School and other Schools. There is a Sub-Parish under Warr called Atyak with Fr. Albert Oromchan as the Care-taker; the Brothers of Christian Instruction help in the Primary School.

Immaculate Conception Parish, Paidha

The history of the Catholic faith in Paidha goes back to 1920 when the first Chapel called Paidha Adrukpele was built where the Present Paidha Police station is i.e. Upper Adrukpele Christian Community of Oturgang Chapel and Zone. This was under Angal Mission. Finally, Paidha Chapel was transferred to Oturgang in 1947. The Christians prayed over the intention of having a Parish in Paidha and others would walk daily to Nyapea to attend morning weekday masses. Finally, in 1963 Paidha was given the Mission with Fr. Piffer Italo as the first Parish Priest and Fr. Ginaro as his Curate. Paidha Parish in June 1975 was handed over to the local clergy with Fr. Valente Jatho as the first native Parish Priest. The Parish Priest now is Fr. Jackson Kerunga Osiga assisted by Fr. Cornelius Odubi and Fr. David Kumakech. The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate help in the Schools.

St. Charles Lwanga Parish, Wadelai

The History of Wadelai Parish goes back to the arrival of the First Missionaries in 1910. At that time, Rwoth Alli of Ragem was the ruler here and his Palace was east of the Nile at Arana. A few people from Koch Pa Dacha were baptized while they were still east of the Nile as they had contact with Paroketo and Omach. During the reign of Rwoth Owiny, A Catechist called Desiderio from Parombo was sent by the Parish Priest of Angal Fr. Moresco Afuyo in 1935 to preach the Word of God, after visiting Rwoth Owiny, this Catechist, opened centres for prayer and started teaching Catechumens at Ragem and Mutir. When Pakwach Parish was curved out of Angal Parish and Opened in 1952, Wadelai became part of this new Parish. Wadelai Parish was opened in 1982 and the first Parish Priest was Msgr Lodoviko Ongom. The Parish Priest of Wadelai now is Fr. Richard Lino Opio assisted by Fr. Mark Obedgiu and Fr. Etienne Onega.

Immaculate Conception Parish, Panyimur

Panyimur Parish started as a Chapel in 1910. It was the first Christian Community that the Comboni Missionaries inherited from the zeal of the Catechists from Nyarambe and Hoima, together with Parombo, Pagwata, and Pamora-Padel. In 1966 Parombo became a Parish with Panyimur as one of its Zones. In 1980, Panyimur Zone became a Sub-Parish recommended by Fr. Joseph Ambrose then Parish Priest of Parombo. On 6th December 1981, Panyimur became a Parish with Fr. Luiji Sala as its Parish Priest. Then in August of 1989, Panyimur Parish was handed over by Bishop Drandua, Fr. Zanei, Fr. Centis, and Fr. Dutto to the Diocesan Clergy i.e. Fr. Charles Gwali as the Parish Priest and Fr. Primo Manano as the Curate. The Current Parish Priest is Fr. Aloysius Oryem assisted by Fr. Charles Biweka

St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Akanyo

Chief Wanikani on hearing about the Missionaries at Angal also wanted them in his land so he went to Aruisi (the Colonial Government Representative or Chief) who supported his idea. Chief Wanikani sent People to Angal in 1927 to ask the Missionaries. The Missionaries sent Catechists here in 1930. Finally in the year 1999, Akanyo became a Parish with Fr. Luiji Sala as the First Parish Priest curved out of Angal Parish. On 12th December 2005, the Parish of Akanyo was handed over by Bishop Martin Luluga, Fr. Sala, Fr. Aladino, and Fr. Stocchero to the Diocesan Clergy i.e. Fr. Rupiny Constantine as the first native Parish Priest meanwhile the Comboni Priests went back to Angal with Fr. Aladino going to Moyo. The Parish now has Fr. Denis Ocanda as the Parish Priest and Fr. Peter Jachan as the Curate.