St. Kizito Parish, Angaba

Angaba Centre was started by the second generation of Christians as it began in 1931 when Gaetano Mona came from Angal to teach Religion under the Yago at Nyangara. In 1955, the Church and School were transferred to the Present site. In the year 2014, it became a Sub-Parish Centre. On the 10th/October/2015 it was opened as a Parish curved out of Parombo Parish. The first Administrator was Bishop Sanctus Lino Wanok the then Ordinary of the Diocese, with Fr. Mark Obedgiu as a visiting Priest. The first Parish Priest Fr. Lawrence Driwale, was officially appointed on the 25th August 2016 and now the Parish has Fr. Charles Anwangkane as the Parish Priest.

St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Parish, Parombo

As a Chapel, Parombo was started in 1919 by Fr. Santambrogio under Angal Parish. In 1933, Parombo Church was built with a grass thatched roof near the present Primary School. Parombo was finally opened as a Parish in 1967 with Fr. Antonio Fiorante as the Parish Priest and with Fr. De Tomasi as his Curate. On the 10th October 1999, Parombo Parish was handed by Bishop Martin Luluga, Fr. Sala, and Fr. Baltz to the Diocesan Clergy i.e. Fr. Patrick Jachan as the Parish Priest and Fr. Emmanuel Dan Oryema as the Curate. The Parish Priest is now Fr. Simon Otyekwa assisted by Fr. Grace Ozunga. The Sacred Heart Sisters help in the Nursery, Primary, and Secondary Schools.

St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Zeu

The Catholic Faith in Zeu started in two different places in late 1917 i.e. Lewe Ocwalo and Jupamatho. The faith came here through Catechists trained by the Comboni Missionaries. In 1966 Zeu became a Parish with the first Parish Priest being Fr. Paul Negrini. On 16th of July 1984, Zeu Parish was handed by Fr. Negrini Paolo to the local Clergy i.e. Msgr Jalcebo Paul as the Parish Priest. The Parish Priest now is Fr. Joseph Obemu assisted by Fr. Kennedy Kermu.

St. Dominic Parish, Zumbo

On 6th April, 1924, a new centre was blessed at Zumbo. It was started in 1925 as a Chapel by Fr. Vignato Antonio. Zumbo became a Parish on 08th/August/2009 curved out of Nyapea Parish with Fr. Mark Obedgiu as the First Parish Priest. The Parish Priest now is Fr. Walter Wokorach assisted by Fr. Felix Ambadiyo.

St. Joseph the Husband of Mary Parish, Jangokuru

Jangokuru Parish was opened on 28th/February/2017. It was curved out of the present Nyapea Parish. The First Parish Priest was Fr. George Angala, now the Parish Priest is Fr. Paul Mungujakisa.

St. Matthias Mulumba Parish, Abanga

This Parish was opened on 04th/January/2018 curved out of Paidha Parish. The first Parish Priest appointed was Fr. John Bosco Asedri with Fr. John Hercules Odokodit as his Curate. However Fr. John Hercules Odokodit has since gone to School.

St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Kango

This became a Parish on16th/February/2001 curved out of Warr Parish.

The Parish Priest now is Fr. George Angala assisted by Fr. Richard Oromchan.

Our Lady Help of Christians Parish, Rhino-Camp

It started in 1960. The Current Parish Priest is Fr. Andrew Wadia Cadri assisted by Fr. Patrick Berochan and Fr. Salvatore Adraba.