About Us

History of Nebbi Catholic Diocese

Nebbi Catholic Diocese now 21 years was part of the then Gulu Apostolic Vicariate which started or was declared in 1923. Just as Gulu developed from one state to another, this diocese was not yet in plan, though there were already some parishes scattered to help the Faith which was already growing well among the people as they had received it with great joy and as a special gift from God. It is proper to mention in general some of the people who have been very active and instrumental in the growth of this diocese like the missionaries (Comboni), the early Christians, civil authorities, both traditional and government leaders of that time and the first catechists. We thank them for their generous participation in the growth of this diocese. We are very grateful for the service of those who are already dead. We pray that the Lord may reward them with eternal life! While we whom the Lord has entrusted with this work are ready to continue with this noble service so that the diocese grows. Nebbi Catholic diocese as erected on 23-02 1996. It was carved from Arua diocese. The reason for the naming with the word ‘Catholic’ was to distinguish the Catholic Diocese from the Anglican Diocese called, “Nebbi Diocese”, to avoid confusion in our region of West Nile.The Catholic Diocese was erected by Pope John Paul II on 23rd February, 1996 under the patronage of Immaculate Heart of Mary and automatically became a member of the Uganda Episcopal Conference.

Our Mission

A Church with One Heart for God’s glory

Our Vision

A Church built on the altar of service, communion, catechesis/evangelization, in-depth faith formation of communities, human promotion, the care of the sick and most vulnerable, developing vocational and mission awareness and engagement of all agencies.

Core Value

Love, humility, unity, collaboration, hard work, accountability and transparency, self-sustenance, environmental protection and child protection.