Understanding Swing Trading Strategies

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swing trade india

Traders use several techniques to trade with and to answer the question, “what is swing trading? ”, is to say that it is a trading technique that requires patience. Of course, this means that swing trading is conducted for short-term gains. There are different strategies for swing trading that swing traders use in order to earn good profits. In this case, we are considering a sell trade using Bollinger Bands.

So, you have learnt about swing trading, but don’t know where to begin. Learning how to find stock swing trading is the first step towards building a successful swing trading strategy. Traders involved in swing trading are careful to pick stocks with high potential to perform in the future, allowing them to capture a much larger piece of the market.

Predictions and analysis

In such cases, you should take a small stop loss and exit out of the trade to protect yourself from huge losses. Before initiating any trade, you should have a pre-defined stop-loss that needs https://1investing.in/ to be followed with great discipline. This is very important because if the stock is not liquid, then, it may become extremely difficult to enter and exit from the position of your trade.

It is suitable to either make money or to protect against losses. Any method or form of trading comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Swing strategy is about traders holding on to stalks for some small period to focus on smaller gains.

To begin, traders would look for the asset price to move near the upper line, before it retraces and breaks below the middle Bollinger Band. It is a robust bearish candle that closes near the lower BB line. This method allows traders to place a protective stop-loss, above the breakout candle. The protective SL allows traders to eliminate chances of fake trend reversal signals.

A day trader keeps the cost minimum because they have opened multiple positions in the market. This is one of the major reasons for holding positions overnight because they are not subjected to overnight funding fees. They use different kinds of technical indicators and oscillators to determine when the price movement is going to happen in a particular direction.

“Swing brokers go for the meat of the move while an informal investor just gets scraps.” Swing Trading consolidates the better of two universes – the slower pace of contributing and the expanded potential additions of day trading. The fundamental procedure of Swing Trading is to hop into an emphatically slanting stock after its time of solidification or rectification is finished. Swing Trading endeavors to catch picks up in a stock inside an overnight hold to a few weeks. Swing brokers use specialized examination to search for stocks with transient value energy.

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A swing trader might use 50-day, 100-day and 200-day moving averages to define the primary uptrend or downtrend and a secondary reaction rally or pullback within it. This type of trading uses technical analysis to find short-term opportunities in the market. Typically, traders buy dips in bullish swings and sell rallies in bearish swings.

swing trade india

With a solid experience of nearly 60 years, they have studied almost every market cycle in detail. These studies have been incorporated in their research methodology to identify the top-performing stocks for you. TraderSmith applies the rules of CAN SLIM Investing Methodology in a swing trading environment to help you invest successfully in short term trends. The best swing trading apps are Angel One app, ICICI Direct app, and Upstox. These apps offer great technical tools that help you determine the movement in prices. Features & Usability Conduct an overall analysis of the features that your trading app offers.

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The main objective behind swing trading is to make short term and mid-term profits from a stock or any other financial asset over some time. Traders make the most of their technical and fundamental analysis abilities to determine the price patterns and trends. It is one of the popular styles of active trading that traders practice with the help of swing trading apps. Such apps help in identifying market opportunities, receiving personalized advisory on stock ideas, among other things.

  • They do not rely on just a few stocks or go long on every purchase.
  • You get this tool free as a part of the Super Save Packs, so all you need to do is select the Super Saver Packs that suits your requirements.
  • In other words, let’s say, if you have a trading account balance of INR 1 Lakh, then you can out 5k to 10k into your swing trading kitty.
  • The stocks are held for a few days or even a few weeks.

Their breadth is still causing concern as only a little over half of the Nifty stocks ended with gains. And if a person is not majorly focused, they can consider swing trading to protect themselves from the short time their focus is put elsewhere. Day traders have sharp skills, and they have a clear understanding of opening or closing a trade-in in seconds to make gains or cap losses when the market is against them.

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You have four lakhs in savings and want to borrow the two lakhs from a bank as a loan. In this case, you can invest the four lakhs in good stocks for the short term and see the four lakhs become five or six lakhs in two years time. In this way, you won’t have to take a loan and can save on the interest payments over time, which you can reinvest and make profits.

Some of the mandatory features that it should offer are charts, technical indicators, margin trading, trade signals, etc. Let’s say you buy 1,000 shares of ABC company which are trading at Rs 500 with a total investment of Rs 5,00,000. Therefore, you set a Swing Trading mindset with a time horizon of one month. Since you are at the end of the time horizon, you sell your entire position valued at Rs 6,50,000.

What is the share market?

Personalized Charts Personalized charts allow you to integrate different trading indicators in one single chart. This ensures that you can check multiple parameters in one place and conduct your analysis based on that. Traders might invest in quick moving stocks or a steady stock, but eventually they are just waiting to capture a potential profitable price. Study shows 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market’s trend, so you always want to trade in sync with the market.

Pay 20% upfront margin of the transaction value to trade in cash market segment. For each stock, we give you an action plan including buy zone, profit goal and stop loss. D) Dealing in unsolicited tips through like Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, SMS, calls, etc.

Hence, using Swing Trading and just with a rise of 150 points, you make a Rs 1,50,000 profit. The trading mindset within Swing Trading differs from one investor to the next. For example, one investor may seek highly volatile stocks thinking that the volatility will be positive, allowing for higher profits. On the other hand, investors with a lower risk appetite may seek less volatile stocks and make lower profits as long as there is a lower risk involved. Day-traders make multiple daily trades and do not wait to make big profits. Swing traders instead select only those stocks that they believe can them huge margins in the long term.

Thus, by adding the technical and fundamental indicators, investors execute the process of Swing Trading. These strategies help traders to eliminate lots of intraday trading noise and focus on the bigger trade. Swing traders have many opportunities within a trend, but taxes and commissions can cut into profit potential.

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