Welcome to Nebbi Catholic Diocese

1 Corinthians 16:14

Let all that you do be done in love.

Psalm 133:1

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.

About Us

Nebbi Catholic Diocese now 21 years was part of the then Gulu Apostolic Vicariate which started or was declared in 1923. Just as Gulu developed from one state to another, this diocese was not yet in plan, though there were already some parishes scattered to help the Faith which was already growing well among the people as they had received it with great joy and as a special gift from God. It is proper to mention in general some of the people who have been very active and instrumental in the growth of this diocese like the missionaries (Comboni), the early Christians, civil authorities, both traditional and government leaders of that time and the first catechists. We thank them for their generous participation in the growth of this diocese. 

About our Bishop RT. Rev Raphael P’Mony Wokorach

Rt. Rev. Raphael p’Mony Wokorach, M.C.C.J. (Comboni Missionary of Heart of Jesus) was born in January 21th 1961 in Arua. He took his first religious profession in April 29th 1989 and his perpetual vows was in October 12th 1992. He was ordained a priest in September 25th 1993 at St. Charles Lwanga catholic church, Wadelai parish-Nebbi catholic Diocese by the then Bishop of Gulu, Rt. Rev. Martin Luluga. Bishop Raphael speaks Alur, English, French, Italian, Acholi and Kiswahili. Msgr. Raphael p’Mony Wokorach, M.C.C.J was appointed by the Holy Father, Pope Francis on 31st March 2021 as the new Bishop of Nebbi Catholic Diocese. He was consequently ordained on Saturday 14th August 2021

Bishop Raphael p'Mony Wokorach

Our Events


The Bishop of Nebbi catholic diocese, Rt. Rev. Raphael p’Mony will lead a Holy mass at the parliament of Uganda in order to fundraise for the celebration of Uganda martyrs’ day which will take place on June 3, 2024. The holy mas with parliamentarians is done every year in support of a hosting diocese. Some of those who will be

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Pilgrimage to Omach

There will a pilgrimage to Omach site in Pakwach Catholic Parish on 5.3.2022.This year’s celebration to be held under the theme ‘with one heart’ will be animated by Nebbi Denary comprising Nebbi Cathedral parish, Ullepi parish and Ofaka sub-parish.We are invited to prepare to go and celebrate our faith.

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Consecration and Installation of the Bishop

The Consecration and Installation of Rt. Rev. Raphael p’Mony Wokorach, the Bishop of Nebbi Catholic Diocese